Ecosystem of tokenized real estates

Diversify your portfolio with tokenized and fractional real estates, thereby increasing liquidity, transparency and accessibility.


Flexible Investment Capital

Buy tokens representing shares of a real estate from just 50 cents, instead of buying the entire asset at high cost in the traditional way.


Safe Growth

Real estates can potentially generate steady business revenue and sustainable long-term appreciation, protecting investors' assets as their tokens increase in value accordingly.


24/7 Liquidity

Buy and sell tokens at any time on exchanges with good liquidity, helping investors access capital immediately when needed.


Trusted Origin of Real Estates

Each real estate has information verified, value appraised and carefully monitored by Renec Foundation to protect investors' interests.


Referral Commissions

Unlimited passive income from commissions allocated to both referrer and referee.


Real assets, real returns

Holding real-estate tokens allows investors to access real estates tokenized on the blockchain and profit accordingly as those assets generate returns - simple as that.


Tokenization of assets

Real estates are verified and evaluated by Renec Foundation before being tokenized onto the blockchain to issue real-estate tokens. Each real-estate token represents a share of the corresponding real estate.


Generate returns

Real estates are professionally supervised to comply with the original business purpose, producing stable returns and cash flow while increasing in value over time.


Hold and profit

When real estates generate business profits and increase in value, Propeasy proceeds to buy back and burn the corresponding real-estate tokens to increase value for investors.


Propeasy converts estates into tokens on the blockchain, helping investors own shares of assets with small capital and trade easily.


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